Short course on contaminants in feed and food

The short course will be hosted on 19-22 November 2013 by the Valorisation of Agricultural Products Department (Henseval building) of the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W) in Gembloux.

Release of the SAFEED-PAP book

Detection, identification and quantification of processed animal proteins in feedingstuffs.

This book edited in the framework of the SAFEED-PAP project aims to summarize the state of the art of the different issues regarding the detection, identification and quantification of processed animal proteins (PAP) in feedingstuffs. It has been written in such a way that it could be useful for the implementation of the discussed methods in the control and research laboratories. For each method discussed, a short description of the technique is given with references to other relevant books and websites useful to the reader to get more in depth. Special emphasis has been put on the rules and tricks that have to be respected for the correct application of the techniques for the analysis of processed animal proteins in feedingstuffs. The potential of each method (including the fit for purpose and the robustness) as well as future perspectives are discussed.

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New website of the EURL-AP

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the new public website of the EURL-AP.  Times goes fast and is precious.  Better navigation, optimised content and to-the-point information will allow you to save time on this website.  The recent change of regulation on the use of animal proteins in the European Union had to be supported by an improved communication to private companies, research institutes, control laboratories and authorities.  These pages are precisely intended to offer you the most appropriate source of information.  Through this website, the EURL-AP team commits to deliver within the shortest term the most comprehensive information on the use of animal proteins in feed and on the implementation of the new regulation in this matter.

For NRL visitors and IAG members wishing to access the private intranet domain, some few changes : do no longer use your username but simply type in your email address and your usual password.  You will then enter the revisited intranet as well as the pages of the EURL-AP Micrograph Collection.

Eager to improve your satisfaction, we encourage each visitor to contact us about possible further enhancements and possible minor troubleshooting.

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