Since 2006 the need for online services was a requirement for optimization of scientific knowledge inside the NRL network. The EURL-AP intranet is the angular stone of communication with the NRL network. This secured platform is also hosting shared scientific data and protocols dedicated to the NRLs.

Functions of the intranet allow NRL searchers to connect to different services such as:

  • Listings of European experts
  • Coordinates of all NRL colleagues
  • All information on ongoing collaborative studies
  • Powerpoint presentations under PDF format of workshop sessions
  • Permanent training support
  • Legal texts and references


The EURL-AP is editing twice a year a newsletter for the NRL network and stakeholders.  Classically the June edition delivers reporting on the annual meeting while the December edition deals with prospective research items, activities planned for the next coming year as well as information on upcoming events and meetings. A way for NRLs to stay tuned on the network life.  Newsletters are diffused by way of the intranet where they can be downloaded.