The NRL network

The pyramidal organization of reference laboratories within the European Union is the following: for each member state a National Reference Laboratory (NRL) is designated. This NRL must ensure the correct implementation and coordination of all accreditated labs inside a country. The EURL is coordinating on its turn bat at a higher level all activities of the NRL network.

The EURL-AP delivers services and coordinates 26 NRL-AP for the detection and identification of animal proteins in feed.

Coordinating tools

The EURL-AP developed over the years different tools on which the coordination of network activities relies.

  • The public website you are visiting for a global information on the EURL-AP mission and activities.
  • A secure intranet platform with modular access grants.
  • Newsletters are sent at least twice a year.


Each year the following activities are organized for the NRLs