Yearly a workshop, exclusively dedicated to the NRLs, is organized by the EURL-AP.  This annual workshop goes on either in Belgium or in another Member State and takes place in spring months.

These annual two- or thee-days meetings are structured to meet both theoretical and practical points of discussion and issues. Subjects are chosen according to the scientific actuality and control requests of the NRL network.  Special focus is repeatedly put on the interactive participation of each attendee.  In this way each session is organised by presentations of scientific items followed by time for questions and discussion.  EURL-AP annual workshops are unique moments for exchanges of experience and knowledge sharing among NRLs and between the NRL network and the EURL-AP team.  Often successful collaborative works arise from these discussions as well as from the traditional workshop dinner, the social event for the participants.  

Minutes of EURL-AP workshops are reported into a special edition of a newsletter.