The official method for PAPs detection and identification relies on light microscopy and not on analytical results delivered by a machine.  The art of microscopy bases of course on a high performing equipment but also on human expertise and talent.  Microscopy is a science which is inextricably linked to interpretation of images and therefore requests a strong knowledge of all morphological features allowing correct identification of particles in complicated matrices such as feed.

Over the years it has been demonstrated that acute performance in PAPs detection is dependent on continuous formation.  The EURL-AP team acts in this respect for insuring the highest proficiency of the NRL network.

Since its beginning EURL-AP’s actions supporting this goal were:

  • Dedicated light microscopy training sessions  for all NRLs (at EURL-AP facilities in Gembloux or on-site at NRL facilities)
  • Advanced light microscopy training sessions (invertebrates) for all NRLs
  • E-learning (micrograph collection, DVD, tips and tricks)
  • Creation of educational support

In addition to this, workshops on PAPs detection including practical sessions on the implementation of EC/152/2009 are organised for EU candidate member states and, on request and after approval by DG SANTE, for foreign countries.