Pig cut-off Excel file

With the new batch of pig calibrants now commercially available, you will have to adapt the exact copy numbers to be in accordance with the certificate provided with these new calibrants.

In this “Pig cut-off at 5 copies” Excel file, the cells where you have to introduce the “exact copy numbers” are not locked and this modification is possible.

Do not forget that the figures mentioned in the certificate are copies/µl! In the cut-off Excel file, you have to introduce the number of copies/5 µl!

Calibration kits for ruminant and pig detection by PCR commercially available now

The calibration kits ERM-AD482 RUMINANT pDNA CALIBRANT and ERM-AD483 PORCINE pDNA CALIBRANT can be ordered from JRC-IRMM. They are now Certified European Reference Materials.

 For ordering and information, go to the following webpages : 




EURL-AP PT PCR 2015 : report form (version Excel 2010) available

Dear NRL Colleagues,

The Excel file containing the instructions, report form and summary is available for download on the intranet document library. Two versions of the document are available: Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2010. Be free to use the most convenient file for you. We wish you a succesful participation.

EURL-AP PCR proficiency test 2014

Official announcement for the next EURL-AP Proficiency Test 2014 (PCR)

Dear NRL Colleagues,

Please find in attachement of this post the official announcement for the EURL-AP Proficiency Test 2014 (PCR) that will be organised in April.

In the announcement you will find the time schedule.

Best Regards,